Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Nathalie

My girl child is turning 7 on thursday. We did a party in may with daddy and now a party with friends and family in July. She wanted this party before my sister left so we had it at the mexican restaurant, her choice. There were more great pictures but here are a few.

New purse that my sister made for her out of prints that Nathalie picked in may.

Tad, Uncle John, Aunt Scarlett and new little cousin Nika who is 3 mo old.
Nathalie and Nika
She wanted glasses, she doesnt need them at all. I took her to the eye doctor and she nearly cried when he said you dont need glasses, so we bought these for her anyways. They have no prescription but look the same otherwise.
She was very excited and said thank you to mommy, daddy and Tad.

Here I was crying, and she was comforting. My sweet girl is big and grown up. She can sing and dance, she picks her own outfits better than I do and does her own hair. She can clean the house, she can cook. She can nearly run a barnyard. She can read, she can spell and man can she do math! She is girly, she is sensitive, she is emotional, she is loving, she is hardworking, she is brave. She has conquered her fears this yr bc she believed that God would help her work through fear of tornados and many other things by the age of 7.
She learned to swim last wk, she jumps off of a diving board. She can wrestle a 150 pound goat out of a barn. Twice. She can cut using our SHARPEST knife. Her dimples are still beautiful, she has more freckles than ever before, she is so much like her daddy and yet has so much of me. She is my favorite girl, in the whole wide world. No matter what I am given in life, I will always be glad that God gave me this girl. Happy birthday, My Love.

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