Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New goats... again

Yes, I bought new goats. I have taken some flak for this, not from my husband, mother, sister, best friends, but I have taken some from other people! I do not know why. Maybe this says something for those who DIDNT give me flak! They know me, they understand me and they love me! And I, love goats... We are moving to a registered herd for breeding and selling purposes and will continue with milk to sell depending on the customers available. We now own 3 breeds, we had alpine and nubian until monday and monday we added saanen.

We have not named the 2 bigger girls, they have registered names but they are stupid names and we will call them something different. This is the tame yearling, as you can see we got a collar on her. This side shot is to show what a healthy well cared for goat should look like. We got these 2 older girls from a breeder in Topeka and all of his goats were lovely! I am open to name suggestions, my brother has suggested Phoenix or Rain.

This picture is beautiful. She didnt know I was picturing her, we just bought this goat and already Nathalie loves her and the goat loves her back. They stood and looked for a long time, just leaning against each other. Nathalie is so relaxed and comfortable and the goats trust the children. The care they are learning to provide for a helpless creature is invaluble no matter what they do in life! Okay back to goats...

This is wild goat, she is getting better already. She was fine with us at her farm until she realized she had to leave her farm! She then balked. Day 1 she wouldnt come near us once out of the van. She cried in one corner of the goat yard (its 2 acres large) and refused to sleep in the barn with her sister. Lilith, brown goat, is an example of how your goats SHOULDNT look. We are working on this and her ribs/belly look so much better. Still super hollow in hips and is just a tall narrow looking nag. She has pretty color and face and once she fills out I think she will be lovely.

Far left in picture is our new girl goat baby, this baby is 10 wks old. Scout, to her left, was born Jan 26 so she is 5.5 mo old or 22 mo old and Jezzie, not pretty white goat, was born a mo before scout so is 26 mo old! So this 10 wk old baby already dwarfs them and her brother is even larger than she. Her name is Autumn. She is very pretty and super sweet, she likes to bite gently and loves to be kissed and be able to put her cheek next to mine, Nona is my only other goat who asks to do that.

Her hips also filled in nicely. She and her brother were owned by a couple in Ks who have 2 milking goats. They took excellant care of these babies and they are very tame. Autumn hates the lead though, she fights and bucks it and jumps up in the air to fight me on it.
Okay these pics not great, I was trying to get some good ones of Otto (tad wanted auto and I thought autumn went well with that but I am spelling him Otto). He wasnt being very still and he kept trying to give the camera kisses! He has some small scurs which probably wont cause anyone problems, not even him.
Again nicely built, very well cared for. He has gotten a bit dirty from riding in the van with 3 other goats on a tarp but he was nice and white!

Picture shows the size difference, I cannot believe he is 12 wks younger than Vlad and Chiva. Vlad seemed so big before! Otto has already become the king, he fought Vlad for this position, turned to fight Chiva and Chiva tucked tail and ran.
So thats it, we are up to 14 goats counting the alpine buck we are waiting on. We will pick him up when his papers come in. We hope to have all 10 does bred end of summer-fall depending on doe age and size so next yr we could have up to 20 babies or more!


Scarlett said...

I personally second Phoenix and Rain. Beautiful! Also, the goats are lovely and I can't wait to meet them. Any name for the herd yet?

Jo Abair said...

No herd name... We are hoping to discover one or have one discover us soon. I think we have settled on Arizona Storm and Pheonix Rain.