Sunday, August 2, 2009

chicken coop-sort of...

Tad can mow the lawn now! He does less lines than I do, it looks better. He mowed front lawn 1 night and back last night, I do the edges still.

Here is his front lawn, so manicured!

This is my chicken house, we fixed it so it isnt tilting anymore no pics of that yet. This is my homemade brooding box, they do lay eggs in it. the roof is slanted on the brooder box so they dont sleep/poop on top of it. Its all made from scraps we had around here.

I put a rip 2x4 scrap in the back end of the roving yard for them to roost on, sit
on however they like. They actually sleep on it, I can sneak out quietly in the dark and they are all lined up there! But if I go out at 5 am, some may be inside the house. The back of the chicken house has a door, we are putting a door in the roving coop as soon as I get some 2x4s ripped.

The house and coop are 2 parts, but the whole thing rolls on wheels. You can move it together or separate. The roof has some gaps, I will fill in with spray foam insulation since this is my first, well 2nd, carpentry job and its far from perfect. It works though, gets the job done! Roosting boxes are perfect size, 2 chickens can use each box, they dont poop on the lid, the floor is lined with greenhouse panels and silicone in cracks for easy cleaning, the whole thing moves so new grass, new bugs, and no smells... Chickens without stink only works with a roving coop.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment on the nice chicken coop you have made. Its great that they have grass, and bugs, and worms and all to eat. I have 5 hens and keep them in a stationary house and they have a fenced in 30 x 30 yard. I used old beef panels covered with chichen wire. I have had problems with a fox, but if I put them in at night before 7:00 PM it ok. Enjoy those nutritious eggs. God Bless!

Scarlett said...

Tad is such a young man, so helpful! Both are. Great work on the chicken coop. It looks much better than I could ever accomplish.