Thursday, July 2, 2009


This little man is adorable! He looks just like his daddy. He is talking to my sister here about how the pool is so much bigger than this sink which is why he was crying a minute ago.

Looking at the camera as if the picture taker is crazy! oh wait... thats me.

He is really looking at Tad intently here. No, he doesnt exactly HAVE a diaper on, he did have however, a heat rash. We did naked time trying to alleviate this.

So sweet... I have many wonderful photos of Nika, his daddy John (incidently one of the most helpful and attentive dads I have EVER seen!) and his mommy scarlett! This is my sisters first baby and they are doing great, he is so cute! We have enjoyed them this whole wk and will be sad when they leave on saturday.

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Scarlett said...

You'll have to email me the best pics of what you took if you find the time this week!! Or, put them on your shutterfly or maybe you can put them on Nika's website after putting them on your shutterfly acct. I think members of Nika's page can add pictures.