Sunday, July 12, 2009

Late 4th of July

Not a great angle but I love his eyes, how serious he looks. Often people say oh he looks just like his daddy! But he doesnt, she looks a lot like Frank and he looks a lot like me which is fine bc we are both so good looking! His eyes and features are mostly mine though his mouth is more like Franks. He had the same white hair as a child, and mine was red.

Nathalie catching fireflies, she learned that it will make your fingers glow if you accidently moosh one...

We live in a very tiny, teeny town. Which we love. Next to us is a tiny town. Slightly larger than tiny, teeny. So they have about 10 min of fireworks every 4th of July! I dont mind the small show because we get the large area of grass at the park for our kids to run about with a few friends and not worry about losing them in a large crowd. Between us and our homeschool friends, we were the crowd! I am not sure how to photo fireworks yet, I got a couple of good shots but mostly didnt get what I hoped to get as I was snapping.

The kids really missed Frank this 4th, they dont remember being without him for specific holidays because they were pretty young. Last 4th was our first in Ks and Frank was there with us. We did have some fun memories to talk about from last yr and we only have a little more left of this deployment!

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