Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today I am making soap. Well, I made soap. I have no idea how it will turn out yet. This is my soap mold, I think I have 4 of them. Frank made them in Ks.

This is crisco melted, it is cheap and easy and not bad for your skin.

I would have used this stick blender, but honestly it traced as I mixed they lye mixture into the oil mixture.

The little black bowl is shea butter and mango butter. Then of course a scale, I weighed all ingredients out on this. The measuring cup is olive and sunflower oil. Since my minor incident in Tn with raw, uncured soap in my eyes-I am using these safety goggles religiously.

Milk will boil and then curdle if you add the lye too quickly. So I freeze it in these jars, these jars are freezer/canning and its easy to shake them every 30 min or so and in about 2 hrs, they are slush. Otherwise you freeze milk, then let it thaw to slush. Its just easier to freeze them quickly in these. The I pour them into the big dish and add the lye super slowly so it does not heat too fast.

Milk starts out white. I know if I had the milk very, very slowly it will stay white. I do not mind it yellowing a bit. The lye is in the bowl behind it.

The oils and the lye have to both be around 90-95 before I mix them together. I had to take some of the oil and microwave it as it cooled faster than lye.

Lye milk mix, ready to add to the oil.

I put the lid and books on top of the mold not because I have children, but because I have Kitten. I love him and he is bad, naughty. A table jumper. I would be devastated if he became injured. I will cut this tomorrow, see how it turned out and if good, then I will invite a friend over who wants to learn how to make her own soap as well.

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