Monday, July 1, 2013

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I love this picture. N had no idea I was taking it, but it appears that Bully was watching me take it. She leaned in toward N just as I got the camera, and N leaned her head against Bully. 
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Bully loves the kids so much, she helps them with Frank being gone. 

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Tad and his dirt bike friend have been exchanging books, and racing to see who can read the book first. They are reading some star wars books right now. Tad is giving me a mean look here. 
  photo 331_zps6b31d116.jpg 
Now he is never, ever, ever going to look at me or let me see his eyes in a picture again. 
  photo 332_zpsca291617.jpg 
Or, I guess except right now to see if I still have the camera. 
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Every time we leave home, we think Bully does not eat, drink or sleep. We walk in the door, she goes crazy loving us and then drinks, has a snack, lays down and sleeps for hours!!!
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The LEGO's live in the living room. Ok, fine, 1/16 of the LEGOs. Someone came over and said, Oh wow you have so many LEGOs! Then N said, oh come to the playroom. Then the person was speechless, if they think the living room has a lot, they should never see the playroom. This corner where N is playing is not all the living room LEGOs. They build here for a large amount of the day, if it is hot or raining they play LEGO town. This wk they are socialist in their town. 

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