Monday, July 8, 2013


We stake the goats out sometimes to let them eat the foliage. We tried temp fencing, it did not work. This works well.

The babies mostly stay with their mom, though they go a little way. If I tell Bully to get them she will. Yes, I look homeless. I am wearing Frank's shirt which is way too big.

"I can just stay here mama, she can eat up all the leaves. I am heavy."

"We be heavier together, they can reach more. The babies like the leaves."

"Nathalie it picks you up all the way."

"See, now your butt is on the ground." Bully thinks her children are crazy.

They were very frisky and bouncy, having no idea they have more n' likely been sold for dinners.

"Babies, you stay in line or I will bite your butt."

"Hey, what if I tie it to the ground."

"Look mama, I am going to stake the tree down."

I have to agree, it was effective.

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