Thursday, July 4, 2013

Children of the Brave

 photo 006_zps94c735b4.jpg 
You climb up and I will unfurl this. 
  photo 007_zpse745b9a8.jpg 
Here, dont let it scrape on the ladder. Hold it tight, dont drop it ok. 
  photo 009_zps60fa1ff4.jpg 
No, dont be scared, I wont let the ladder fall. Just lean toward the house a little and get it in the slot. You have to push it in. 

  photo 014_zpsf9c78ec6.jpg 
Yeah, you climb down now. I will fix it. Its not quite right. 
  photo 018_zps91271df5.jpg 
This has to be pulled back just a little to make it smooth. Its pretty Nathalie, we did good.

Happy fourth of July in the land of the free, home of the brave. Never forget. We have freedom because of the men and women that stood for freedom and still do. "A man can stand up." John Adams. 

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