Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Somehow I need some sort of a driving force to move me forward lately. It is gray here so often, there is a wonderful library just this side of town full of amazing books. This makes me want to curl up under a blanket and read with my kids. We are all avid readers, the reading bug did not hit Nathalie until this last winter but now we can all be absorbed by books for hours. I read aloud until I develop laryngitis. However, there is a never ending list of tasks to complete. All the regular daily stuff, house cleaning, cooking, laundry, outdoor chores and summer school but also the jobs related to starting over.

I am still waiting on the T posts, as soon as Frank picks up the right size (we bought 6 ft, not tall enough) the kids and I will spend an afternoon laying them out every 10 ft so Frank can place them. We have a few wooden posts to go as well, then we will start fencing at night.

I have to start sewing the children's winter wardrobe, not much else is needed here. Some pants and t shirts are summer clothes, so in winter add many more layers and you are dressed properly. Snow pants, coats, jackets, wool sweaters, long johns, lined pants and hats are all things that I need to sew and knit. Nathalie wants some skirts, so I have selected several nice skirt pieces and will line them fully with a thin, wool jersey and she will wear double layered wool long johns underneath. I will put a pretty print cotton on the outside- no one will see her wools. With knee socks and cute boots, she will be both warm and adorable. however, I have to make the skirts! She wants pockets, and she wants them to be long with open sides at the bottom, and a drawstring/elastic waist to make sure she is comfortable. Tad isnt picky. White t shirts, blue jeans, wool socks and wool long sleeve shirts. Simple every year.

I am trying to start business again, our house is really too small for this so right now we are in the organization and shelving stage. buying and building shelves and setting them up with bins and boxes is the only way I can start. I cannot have a disorganized mess for a business area, I will simply not do the work.

I am not very upbeat about 4h or the fair, it just isnt Abilene Ks here. However, I will work on it with the kids and we will show and have fun, they think it will be fun so it will be. The fair in Abilene was amazing, it wasnt too big, the kids got to run around with their friends, it was full of people that we knew, despite the heat it was one of the best weeks we had all summer. I wish I was looking forward to this one as much, but who knows. Maybe it will be amazing!

Today I have taken a huge load of recycling, worked in the garden, taught French and guitar, cleaned the whole kitchen (includ gas stove top) and made dinner for tonight. The kids have swim lesson tonight, so we will be home from that at 6:45 so dinner needs to be waiting, as we have fence posts to put in tonight.

No photos, just blogging because its my blog and I can, and it makes me feel like accomplishing more to photograph.

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