Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Barn story

So blogger once again is not working the way I feel it should. I am adding this post to go along with the previous pictures-of which there were a lot. Yes, there is a weird picture of Tad taking a photo of his own face upside down.

The kids were never in any danger... personally it looked crazy to me, but the trusses cannot fall of. Right side up, or upside down which is how we flip them to scoot them along the header, at which point a kid pulls the strap to pull it upright while Frank pushes it up with 2x4 and I steady it until he can nail it. The hard heavy work is Frank's who has to climb up and attach the strap and manhandle the truss in place initially.

I didnt see this at first, but because of the overhang, they truly cannot fall off. If we didnt have any braces in front and back-then yes those could fall of front/back but we did. So it was a safe, albeit rather tough operation. It would have been easier with another big person, and one more large, sturdy ladder. We have 2 really great ladders. I was wishing my friend Eric was here. He helped us the last time we put up trusses, as did his son Jeff. Tad is now old enough to play Jeff's role, but I am no Eric. Frank had to do a lot of the heavier stuff alone.

We have learned a lot and have a lot of learning to go, the next step I believe will be harder than the trusses. We have to get 7/16 sheets of particle board up there and screwed or nailed into place. I think I will tie myself off to the roof trusses... I am NOT afraid of heights, never have been, but do not like the way it feels to be totally and completely busted rots so I would rather not. I am not very good at this barn building, but I wish I was. Maybe I will get better with time!

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