Friday, June 15, 2012


My girl just paid her brother to do her chores that involved animal poop. He was glad to make the money.

My girl sorted meal worms with me, while eating her lunch.

My girl just informed me, also over lunch, that the live mouse running under the stove was large. Which is reasonable because he was.

My girl just told me that if she could, she would solve world hunger. As she is inadequate to perform that task at this date (her exact words), she will instead clean her bedroom. Which is also total reasonable, as we clean house completely on Fridays.

My boy punk just found some photos in an old wallet and came to show me how Nathalie was "an adorable baby and it seems like yesterday that she was tiny!" (she is 4 in the photo...)

My boy told me that he is probably going to have about 6 baby girls of his own, and they will be spoiled rotten just like Nathalie is by daddy, and he will love being the one to spoil them. He also said he cannot wait to have his own babies as he wants to be a daddy.

My boy told me he misses his best friends. He misses his girl, he misses Andrew. That is all that he listed at this time. I am glad his attachments are so real. He also adds that Nathalie is his best friend too.

My girl told me that Tad now tells her "I love you Nathalie" every Friday, just in case she needs to hear that from him specifically in order to help her form appropriate bonds as an older girl. His words. I guess that is appropriate on house cleaning day.

I miss my mama, she left me after being here for a month. Most of the people I love are in Tn, my best friend just moved there. My brothers are there or will be soon (one of them) my sisters are there, my other best friend is in Ks-not a far drive. I feel like I am late for a family reunion which causes me confusion because I love Alaska.

My husband is my best friend and sometimes my heart beat hurts from loving him so much, and not understanding how I can love one person more every day.

That is all for now. I am going to finish cleaning the house.


Bethany said...

You have such an amazing family. :)

Jo Abair said...

So do you, you really do. Your mama is one of the strongest and wonderful women I have known. Someday you will be all grown up, and you will know who you are because of her leadership. I am sure you already do. Dont ever forget how wonderful it is to have each other.