Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We are going to Tn for my dad's funeral on Thursday. Then Frank will come back home on Sunday, he will be in the field most of this next month. His ticket cost 820 (thanks Amanda!) and for the same flight there, changing the return date, the kids and I got tickets for 751. A HUGE AMT OF MONEY STILL! It was much cheaper than the initial 940 tickets we found but still...cant do this often!

As we spent the money and Frank was going to be in the field, it made sense for us to stay in Tn with my mom until he is out of the field. So we are flying back to Alaska on March 29, arriving on the 30th.

My mom isnt working right now, she is in between jobs and this will be the first time she hasnt work since Nathalie was born! We get to spend the month with her, hanging out on her 18 acres of woods, sitting on her back deck and enjoying the great space of her 2800 sq ft house! In which the kids will sleep in the sewing room and I will sleep in the guest room and I wont hear them when they get up! I dont like to be away from Frank but he wont be here so it was good timing.

Living in an RV on a piece of property with all of our things (goats, chickens, shooting range, etc.) wouldnt be hard. It is kind of hard to live here without all of those things. It is hard to live in this small space without a lot to do. You can only go see so many movies, and play so many board games. We knit a lot, which is fun, but still... as he wont be here, I will be very happy to be in my moms home with her equipped sewing room, a huge wonderful kitchen that she will be MORE than happy to let me be in total control of... oh the cooking I will do!!!

Then we will return and close on our house 3 days later, and 4 days later GET OUR BAGGAGE!!! I miss my sewing stuff! Nathalie misses her toys. Frank misses shop stuff.

Mom will take great photos for me to put on the blog. I will see you later!

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