Saturday, February 18, 2012

RV Living Continued

Yes, no pictures. Why you ask? Well see, I love the snow. I love the cold. But there are only so many snow and mountain pictures that I have to share at this time. They all look the same and I have a headache. I wont blog again without photos, I promise.

This is RV life continued. There are things one comes to accept as a full time RVer. One thing is this, my life is way better than a hotel room life. Also though, if you have ever been in an RV park, you may have noticed that during daylight hours, many RVers leave their window shades up. You may see a lot of stuff lining the edge of that window. That is something we come to accept. Cabinets in RVs are often up high, I guess bc you are so close in to everything that tall people would bump their heads. That also means that the children and myself need a step stool for everything that is not on the lowest shelf of the lowest cabinet. So we line the window edges, along counter and table tops with things we will regularly need. Because we dont want to get the step stool out.

Next, the trashcan lives in a place that is in the way if I want towels, hot pads, potatoes or onions. I have accepted this, with patience I move the trashcan each time. I dont mind it anymore, but I would mind a trashcan in the middle of the floor to trip on. Which is what happens if my other 3 family members need a towel, hot pad, potato or onion.

We have accepted the laundry hanging about. We wear a lot of wool, some is washable/dryable but we have learned that wool works best for a long time washed only. We dont have handwashables save one wonderful sweater that mama bought for me. That would be too much work. So we wash, then hang. So wool long johns hanging from the edge of the counter where the dishes are drying, are not a big deal.

And now, extension cords. We blow a breaker if we use too many things on one, so if the plugs we need to use are all on the same breaker, we use short extension cords. I mean industrial orange/yellow cords. Not pretty, they string about. One of them often lives plugged INTO an open cabinet above my head, because that is the microwave plug and it has ITS OWN BREAKER!!! How fair is that? So we use it for a small electric heater. It works, and the color orange is nice.

And last is the books. We accept them as they lay about lazily all over our home. We accept this because we are glad for the library so we dont have 15 x more books spread about, and because we like that all of our family members are avid readers.

Thats not really last, just last on this list. I really dont mind the RV life, there are pros and cons as said before and one pro is the rent cost. We are looking at housing and seeing that our rent may do a whole lot of increasing. Rent is almost prohibitive living in a house that is decent, and a mortgage wouldnt be much better and then we have to sell that house when we move. Just like the one on the market in Ks. We do not want to rent as we love our space, our animals, some land or "dirt" as our realtor calls it. We want a shop, Frank needs a shop for my/his sanity. Tad needs space, Nathalie desperately wants her animals back.

basically we are praying, looking, hoping for the right house in our budget and whatever we find will be good. We know it will, it always has. The biggest question is budget. Just because you are qualified for it, doesnt mean you should spend it. Frank is in love with a home right now that is higher than I had hoped to spend, so I am leaving it with God and waiting for my sign.

Ok I will go take photos of something. My orange cords. Or the laundry room we use here. Or... maybe I can get a moose to stand still.

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