Sunday, February 26, 2012

My dad

I dont have any photos of him, or I would post them. Perhaps I do on another computer, I will post them later. I have many hard copies, my mom used to have film developed and that is what I mostly have.

My mom was married with 2 babies when she was 21, my dad, my biological dad got into some drug problems. They ended up divorcing. She remarried a couple of years later and had 4 more children, her husband was nice, I loved him. Then he got hooked on something drug-like, a man made religion. Their marriage went downhill with his new rules. They ended up divorced because she chose us over his rules.

When I was in highschool, she remarried again. She married a 58 year old man who was retired from the navy. He had 3 grown sons that he had raised himself. His name was Winston Wells, he married my mom with 5 children and he adopted us soon afterward. He raised us, the rest of the way with my mom.

He developed non-hodgens lymphoma when Nathalie was a tiny baby, he fought cancer and won but the chemo therapy badly damaged his heart. He has been going downhill slowly since then. He had massive heart surgery which helped some but there was no cure for the damage. He ended up on dialysis and developed diabetes. He began struggling with respiratory problems.

This morning he passed away in a hospital with one of his sons with him. He was tired and ready to be done. He leaves behind a legacy of children who benefited from his kindness and love, children that he didnt have to take on. Many grandchildren were cared for by him, including my children. He will be missed and I know that he is somewhere better.


Tima Murrell said...

I'm so sorry that your dad passed away. Give your mom our love.

Anna said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I will be thinking of you guys this week...Anna