Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Home search

So we are in that transitional phase that without the RV, we would be homeless. Or living in a hotel obviously, we wouldnt really live on the streets. When we move to a new place, I am sure at first that we will quickly find a lot of listings that fit us, and we will need to choose. How wrong I was...

The first realtor we called said, I cant find anything under 200 thousand. Sorry. Oh ok well, um. We called a new one, she said, you are wasting my time. Oh uh... So we called the retired army guy in Anchorage. We were trying to talk to realtors in the outer areas (the mat-su valley) because we want to buy out here.

This realtor is a good guy, he found some stuff but it really wasnt good. Amanda discovered some glaring errors in one place, and on top of that I had bad feelings about it. I always get a good/bad feeling, and as I pray for God to lead me I always listen to those feelings.

Next we talked to the realtor's favored lender. Well, a certain bank but also a specific loan officer. We called her, she found out what we wanted and she told us about a repossessed home that we might consider. We will be seeing the inside tomorrow, today we drove past and it is exactly what we want, it may be a little high... waiting to see, there is no sure price yet as it is bank owned. I mean, they know but we dont know. It is a 5 acre llama farm, fully fenced and gated, largely wooded with a nice home and shop. It will be higher than we wanted we are sure, but we simply cannot find what we actually wanted in our price preference.

Today we bought an SUV, it is an Isuzu Rodeo. Small, 5 speed, 6 cylinder, 4 door. Will get better fuel economy than the big truck, and we really need 2 vehicles. The children will start gymnastics this friday/monday as we now have 2 vehicles. Tad will start guitar lessons, Nathalie says she likes the ideas of music but doesnt want to commit. Because she doesnt like to commit.

It would be nice if we can buy this place, it is closer to Frank's work than the other country spots we had found, and it is literally right off of the main road that runs past the library and the gym. Oh, and really close to the grocery store.

So here is hoping that this place is right, and affordable!

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