Friday, February 17, 2012

Pros to Rv life

I still dont have any pictures. The house search continues, we have had to really look in a bracket much higher than we intended to. If we buy in a lower range, we will never be able to resell. Likely we cannot make it ready for a VA loan. The VA loan has a lower int rate, and we can afford a higher mortgage, we just didnt want to. At all.

So tomorrow we look at a log cabin on 10 acres, its beautiful. Has a lot of woods, barn, woodshed, large heated shop, large house and a nice chicken coop. We will see how it turns out.

On another note, here are some pros to the RV park.

Our rent is 350$, electric about 100$ and our trash, water, sewer are all included. we buy our own propane and it costs around 10$ a wk in such a warm environment.

Laundry does cost, it is 80$ a mo for all of our laundry. That sounds like a lot of quarters right? I found from a family of 6 when using their dryer (vs clothes line) laundry costs around 100$. Wow sounds like a lot, use a line! She does... We did too in Ks. We will buy a front loader at our new home if one isnt there, and we will use a clothes line but in the meantime, 80$ isnt bad.

Next, this is very nice. I can do all 6 loads of laundry AT ONCE! We, or I, carry it all over literally a few truck lengths away to the laundry, then I sort/load and come home. 45 min later put it all in dryers, an hr later its done. That is less than 2 hrs to do all of our families laundry for a 12-15 day period.

We wait a long time because we have enough clothes and towels, and have 2 sets of sheets each. The loads cost the same, full or not.

I dont have the clean the showers. We use the RV showers because they are large, long and we dont have to empty the tank. As we cannot dump on site, we take advantage of that.

Another pro, my house is super easy to clean. There is so little space!

It is easy to do school in here, we are all so close together we just get started after breakfast, and get done pretty fast. In a big house with land, I lose my son sometimes during the school day.

My husband likes it here, though he misses the shop. My daughter loves it here because she likes small things. My son...well he misses the outdoor space a lot. We are working on that.

We have a long wkend starting today, we have things to do each day. Today we scouted properties, tomorrow we will go see them and go shopping at best buy for a mp3 player that Tad has saved up for, go to the commissary and then on sunday afternoon, we go see a sno-go race. Monday... I dont know. spend the day with the loan officer if need be-assuming we find a house we want to bid on.

I will get pictures later, I simply dont have anything to take a picture of at this time.

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