Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I miss this sky. I think it is what I miss the most, I miss the wind but the sunsets and sunrises, and my friend Amanda are most missed. I was going through picture folders on my computer, getting rid of pictures that were not worth keeping and came across these. I took several pictures of the setting sun a few evenings before we pulled away from Ks. I do not really miss our house often, I guess I miss the house and land when we cannot find anywhere that we like to buy here. It was a nice place, a nice state. It is hard to move so much, I guess we move less than some military families but it is still hard.

We put a bid on a house here, but it was a low bid and it really made them angry. We didnt mean to, we just have a budget. the people responded with, we will give you a counter offer tomorrow but this was an insulting offer and we will not consider another. Our counter will be the only option. So...we will see. If their counter is within our budget, then we sign. If not, then we will tell them thanks anyway and keep looking.

Things are pretty high priced here. We find stuff that looks ok, but either its in a subdivision or its just really broken in some way that we cannot buy. We have to use VA or conventional loan, we do not have the cash to do owner finance. Many of the homes are not to code, so cannot be traditionally financed. If we buy one, we have to fix it in order to resell easily, but some cannot be fixed by us, or we cannot buy because they are asking too much. You have to have a pretty big down payment for owner finance.

For now we will keep praying and looking, I know that God will lead us right, in the meantime, I am homesick.

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