Monday, May 30, 2011


My children have a new very good friend, he may be their best friend together right now. They have had a few friends, and a lot of associates. Z may be their best, because he belongs equally to both of them. The three of them play so well together, surely they will have bad days but for now, its going nicely.

Many people say "two is company and three is a crowd." Obviously, my kids havent found this out! Today when Z's mom said, arent you getting tired of having Z around? (They wanted him to spend the night and he wanted to stay...) Nathalie said, "Oh no. Its so great to have three sometimes! We are only two and we love having three, its perfect because then we both have someone extra."

So there you have it, its all about perspective! Z and my children, together, chose to get into the public pool today. It has been cold (55-chilly for late spring) here for weeks and thus the water was frigid!!! Z stood by the side for a minute, but my two (first T then N) were the FIRST children into the water of the Enterprise, Ks Public Pool this year. They want a medal and a certificate. And they want to adopt Z. His mama said no. Twice.

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