Saturday, May 21, 2011


My husband was home for 14 glorious days. Well, I guess 15. He was on his 2 wk leave from deployment. As usual, we fall right into living as if he never left. He didnt even have jet lag this time, because he arrive late Wednesday night, fell asleep at around 10 p.m. and slept through to morning. Generally it takes a few days for him to get on our time schedule but he was sleepy enough that didnt occur.

I have over 500 pictures to go through and will post quite a few of them here, right now I feel like laying down on the floor (the carpet part mind you, dont want to lay on hard floor...) and just cry. We took him to the airport yesterday morning at 5 a.m. and dropped him off. I didnt want him to go, I wanted to retire right now and not ever let him go away from me again.

We did a lot of things while he was home, mostly work-ish things because its the kinda folks we are. We cleaned up things, took things to the dump (our dump takes metal for free and recycles it so all of our wires from hay bales, fence bits etc), got rid of stuff, ran the burn pit, made a lot of fuel, cleaned the shop which was a hideous mess and is now LOVELY and perfect and attracts ones desire to work in it. Oh just so many things... we had so much fun.

The kids played battle and wrestle with him, card games and board games, swung on the tire swing higher than mama can push, jumped on the trampoline, sat out on the porch at night "smoking" (Frank smokes a pipe and we call it "smoking" in plural) and talking. We made trips to town that I had been avoiding, went to a movie in the theatre (eww, ugh... dont like theatre), and learned a lot about computers.

More than I can list was done, and we are sad and slightly miserable today. We will move past the sadness and just enjoy the memories of the 2 wks. We only have half of the deployment left. I will post pictures, though I dont promise any more words right now.

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