Thursday, May 26, 2011


"Mama I dont want to work right now."
"I am sorry N, you must. T is working, I am working. You get allowance because you help out, its the rule."
"But if he is playing and I am playing we still get paid. If he starts working, I have to stop playing and he likes to work a lot. He thinks its his hobby. I like to work some but not CONSTANTLY. I think this is a valid issue."
"Well you can choose to play when you are your own boss."
"By the time I am my own boss I wont want to play so I will have missed out."
Now I take a moment to think. Is this logical? Is it true that we make her work more than we would have because it is his hobby? She is correct, someday she wont want to play.
"Okay punk. go play doll babies."
"Do I still get money?"
"You get allowance yes. But he gets paid additionally for the extra work that I contract him for."
"Will you contract me to play?"
"Not unless playing is code for mopping the kitchen floor."
Deep sigh...

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