Monday, May 28, 2012

You know what we do not have to buy in Alaska? Sandals. Shorts. Tank tops. You know what we do have to buy (or in my case make) pajama pants (vs shorts) for the summer time nights. Extra long sleeve shirts, and jackets.

My kids grow naturally. And I wear my stuff out, stain, tear etc. So instead of summer clothes, I have to make an extra set of winter clothes! We have had only a few days so far that we have not had to wear wool shirts or a light jacket, long socks and the pajama pants thing. All of my kids have short pj pants. I guess thats my job this wk!

This part of Alaska is never hot, we knew that and are glad for it. However, I expected it to be warm. I had long johns on Saturday while putting in the poles for a barn. The tomato plants that we put out are dying if they are not the Siberian type. We have all of our poles set for the barn and now we can put on the skirt and go from there. The next steps are pretty fast, but there are a lot of them. The biggest hurdle will be the roof as we are doing a gambrel roof and that needs to be built on a flat, cement floor. We do not have a floor that large! It needs to be 6 foot tall and span 24 foot.

The point of the gambrel roof is to give the largest amount of loft space, we intend to build one asap. Using a gambrel roof allows a complete second floor which can double the space. We wont be doubling it, we are using the back 2/3 so in the front you can still see up to the roof, and you can see the half-wall we will build along the loft edge. My kids ARE old and smart, but I want them to use it as their play house freely and be able to run and bounce. We will be using it for some storage, and some hay bales but mostly it will be for resale of the house. I dont have a lot to put up there-it would be a great play-house though right???

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