Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have done something horrible to my back, I do not know what. It is hard to stand up straight because its very stiff. It hurts, but more than that its not flexible. We have so much work to do, I do not have time for a break. Maybe that is why my back hurts, overwork.

I am tired, my classes are nearly done and that will help, my house is a mess, I do not want to even think about dinner right now. I am discouraged because of the barn and fencing, they take time, money and equipment. We cannot rent the equipment until next weekend and which time we can start, but it will take a month minimum just to make it usable-as in not finished on the inside, no loft, no hard floor just dirt. Then we have the fencing, we need to fence the whole yard but that will take a very long time, the supplies are not readily available up here and take some time to arrive by barge when ordered.

However... my kids happily did their schoolwork this morning, much of that time I laid flat or stretched per Nathalie's instructions, now they are mucking out the bunny area and moving the roving chicken coops. They cleaned and filled the geese water container and will later help me clean up the house. My doctor has no appts avail till next wk, so if my back doesnt improve we will be sitting in the ER. Frank wont let me drive...

I know that was a lot of complaining. But...its my blog! I will feel better tomorrow I am sure. I am now going to finish educating my children from flat on my back.

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Tima Murrell said...

I'm so sorry you feel bad. Hope you get some relief soon.