Thursday, August 19, 2010

School today

When Frank is away from home, the house gets pretty cluttered. We clean it up, just not as early as we otherwise would have. Sometimes, the dishes and bathroom cleaning are all that is done for I dont know, three days??? So, these pictures show some nice mess. However, I have to note that we have quite a few instruments for being a homeschool family of 2 children. Nathalie and I are both playing violin, Tad and I are both playing guitar and I can play the piano... used to play well. I am learning again, am on a level 2 book working thru on my own before I teach the kids.

This is our school cabinet, in comparison to the rest of the house it is quite neat. This is where our books and manipulatives are stored when they are put away. 2/3 of this bottom shelf are drawing books, coloring books and paper. We do a lot of art though Tad does not enjoy it.

And this class is called... um, uh. Tad is shooting me with a flyswatter, can you see that? Nathalie is dancing this crazy happy dance to some guy explaining how to keep time on violin and play open d string FORRRRREEEEEEVERRRRRR! Its not a fun cd for me but it seems to help her.

Wow I thought the previous dance was crazy. Who taught that girl to dance? Or did she just inherit her daddy's dancing capability? Because I KNOW I dance better than that!

We are on schedule for school. We are enjoying MOST of this, during math presentationt his morning Tad was looking physically ill. I paused in mid fraction to ask him if he had a hairball and he answered, "Mama there are so many things I would rather be doing right now. Reading, geography, a science game, even drawing. Especially playing my guitar. I dont want to learn fractions at all!" Oh well sorry big guy. Too bad...

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