Sunday, August 29, 2010

Groceries in the yard

Just a few of the eggs from this morning. I cant tell you how kind it would be if the chickens would get together and decide on 1 spot to lay eggs. I check around 8 spots daily, and some days there are none in those spots and I have to think what did they do with them and we dont ever find out. We still get plenty however and the chickens being free range makes them happy and healthy.
My friend Amanda and I were talking about groceries recently. About loading them into a cart, at a store, then onto the belt, then into bags, into the car, into the house, out of the bags, into the cabinets and fridge. How annoying is that she asks me? What can we do to change that? Well she and I are both well on our way. Gardening has proven tough here, first because I planted where there was too much shade. Then, I didnt have loamy enough soil. A number of foods still grew well though and we mulched and weeded and enjoyed the harvest we did have. The 26 days of no rain and excessive heat was hard hard on my summer garden however...
We now have a bit of a fall garden in and when frank returns from his tng, he will help me make some cold frames and temporary greenhouses and I will winter garden! As it is, we get milk and eggs from our barnyard, and buy dry goods in bulk in huge buckets. We are raising a meat goat to butcher next mo, and have butchered many chickens now and dont have to buy any chicken at the store. Tad has arranged, with me, to raise 2 steers for beef and so I am on the lookout for 2 little steers for him!
See, thats grocery shopping in the yard. Now if only I could go range someones land, if I could find someone with hundreds of acres that would let me walk it in fall and spring, I could forage for my herbs and extra veggies!

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