Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Saturday

The tire swing, with a backtground of truck full of manure. You probably wouldnt have noticed that right?

Punk posed for me, thoughtful as she is rather wild.

Shouldnt something special happen because its Saturday? I dont guess so. We are doing school, sewing, cooking, taking a walk, playing some board games and possibly watching a movie tonight. Oh and I took a bunch of photos and deleted and edited for a few minutes. That was special. Nathalie wants banana muffins so she is making those. I went to the barn this morning with my camera for a change, its a hard thing to remember.
Tango's curious ears, I love how expressive goat ears are. Thats somebody's rump, I believe dreamer. Tango is hoping for some extra grain, but these were taken 2 hrs after feeding and I cannot possibly think that they expected I would believe a whole day had passed and it was time again for grain.
Out of order, Tad was waiting at the gate when I came up. Love the overall and no shirt look!
These are our ducks, all grown up. They live in the barn with the goats and use a small swimming pool for washing, playing, breeding... yes ducks require water to breed and to lay egs. They do not lay eggs IN the water, but if they do not have water to play/swim in, they will not breed and they will not lay eggs.
Everyone is expectant as if they were not fed at all today and dont still have hay in their feeder.
I laid an egg! I laid an egg! This is what my chickens do when they lay an egg, let everyone know about it.
Might be dinner, the 2 little ones. Dont know yet, if roosters then yes. Or maybe lunch. The gray bantam hatched these chickens out herself!
Once again, perhaps dinner. These are month old chicks that this bantam mama and a rhode island red hen sat.
This is my girl, shes my best girl along with her mama. Her mama isnt Zoe and zoe is the taller goat standing next to her. Punk was 5 mo old last tuesday and she is 77 lbs aprox. She is huge! Her mother has weaned her, or Punk weaned herself just this wk. Last wk, Nona had milk. Today, she doesnt. She is standing next to my largest/heaviest girl, not the thickest just weighs the most. I am happy with how fast Punk has grown and next year will leave all doelings on to 4 mo for this reason. She has been a bit wild, but is gentling well by me forcing her to be friendly with me each morning when I grain them.
Okay so thats saturday. Well not really, those are the pictures I have taken on saturday. Frank is still away at training, we are doing homeschool stuff even on wkends and the children are doing well with music lessons. Thats it.

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