Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Child Labor

So this is how you do it right, then you can do it when I am tired and want to sit in a chair. Okay?

I got this daddy, see I can do it. You can back up now, I wont cut my arm off and look, mama is still breathing over there!

There, showed that 18" log! Now, where should the next cut start daddy?

Mama I have a way of looking tragic. Surely this will get me somewhere in life, someone will say, wow that girl is good at looking sad and downtrodden! And likely mama, I will live in a high rise and tell all my friends how pitiful it was that I had to work out in 118 heat index... JUST KIDDING MAMA!!! I am NEVER moving away from you! We are attached forever.
Its still hot out here. Daddy can I go in the house now?

This is Rachel. She was feeling tragic too. Because its hot. Every day. With no breaks between, by 8 am and doesnt let up till 9 pm. But she braved it, she got out there and carried logs and limbs, and kindling and stacked them on the trailer with the rest of us. What a nice girl, I want to keep her! She works despite how miserable it was!

I did get some good sillouette shots of her watching her daddy work on his chainsaw, this girl loves her daddy. I am pretty sure he hangs the moon for her at night.

Even in the heat her blond hair and blue eyes are just pretty! Rachel belongs to Amanda and Jeramiah, our friends from N Ca who have moved down here to Hutchinson. They have stayed and worked with us on the wkends, their goats and dog live here and they close on their house this wk. They are very excited to have a home of their own! Tired of a hotel they are...

I know my lighting is poor at the top of the photo, especially to the right but I love this picture. She had no idea she was being photographed and I just love the sideways photo.

Last but not least, this is their little boy punk Andrew or Drew. Oh my this babies eyes... I would adopt him, or if his parents lived farther away, I would STEAL him to keep him and hold him and squeeze him, he is sweet and shy and quiet and perfect... I am in love.
See the shy? Its far sweeter than he realizes....

Yes he is a keeper. I have to have a little girl that can grow up and marry him so that he can be sort of mine then and he is just sweet!

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Kenji said...

Great pictures! :) Loved looking at them and reading your commentary. :) Such beautiful children!!