Saturday, January 30, 2010

New blog

I am not giving it up yet, I started a new blog over at *gasp* wordpress! I love blogspot, have used it for years since my friend Amanda introduced it to me. I love its simplicity, but then we have the issue of me being computer challenged. Blogspot people have found ways to make tabs, different pages nested within pages on a blog. I don't know how to do this... So when I searched how to do this on google, I came up with directions as well as several other challenged people who used wordpress for this very problem. Word press is a bit more convoluted, difficult for me to understand but my husband can. So rather than go thru the numerous steps that blogspot requires (because I don't understand them...) I started a homeschool blog on wordpress. It isn't ready, its not set up at all. This is a blog to try to connect with other remote homeschoolers. I am not remote in a Kodiak, Alaska kind of way, but we cant seem to find many homeschoolers. My homeschool friends in Sc and Ga will be able to connect with us thru this blog and I will offer fun stuff for kids on there. So look forward to the unveiling of that as soon as I have time!!!


Tima Murrell said...

Please let me know the web address when you get it set up. I plan to home school Dominic and we are remote when it comes to home schoolers as well.

Jo Abair said...

I will send you the link as soon as I have it!