Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My husband was promoted. He is a CW2 now, which means I can call him Chief officially! Previously, he was known as Mr. Abair. This is his promotion ceremony at the motorpool where he works.

Nathalie is pinning his rank on, well its velcro. It used to be, um, pinned on. Tad removed the old rank and Nathalie pinned this one on.

Tad and I pinning the rank on his hat, I took it off and Tad and I put it back on. We have to do it this way because all three of us want to pin him and so we work together.

He is smiling at me because I have put his hat on incorrectly. Mr. Commander took the photos for us.

Taking the oath of office, the new colonel is doing the promotion ceremony.
I am enormously proud, almost as if this were my own accomplishment! Frank insists that is largely because of us that he is the soldier that he is. I am proud of how hard he works, how much he puts into this job. I am happy to be his wife, and to be a part of this. Furthermore, he is very good looking! I didnt see one soldier that was as good looking as he was. I got to kiss him only ONE time. I do feel cheated, but we did make up for that...
Congratulations my love! I am more proud of you than you can imagine.

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