Friday, January 8, 2010

Conversations with a baby

We have visiting kids today, five extra. We babysit sometimes. Tad loves anything baby, he plays with them, changes their dirty diapers, pats them to sleep, carries them around, teaches them nice things. Here is a convo with a not yet 2 yr old.

baby: uh oh
Tad: Hey baby, can you come and hold this corner of the tent?
baby: No
Tad: Oh baby! come on I am making this tent for you. Do you like it?
baby: No.(tears it down a bit)
Tad: Will you help me?
baby: No
Tad: Do you like the tent baby?
baby: No
Enter 5 yr old brother: Uh oh, what happened to the tent Tad?
baby: uh oh.
Tad: yep thats what happened baby. It was you and your uh oh (fixing babies mess)
baby: oh
Tad: baby do you want me to twist your head off?
baby: no
Tad: do you want to twist my head off baby?"
baby: CAT! (indeed the cat runs thru)
Tad: baby dont get distracted, can you hold this corner of the tent for just a second?
baby: No

Enough said. Tad and Nathalie want babies. Yesterday Nathalie cried. The mommy of these babies is pregnant with a new baby. I am so happy for them. Nathalie and Tad said Oh. Then they were happy for them also. Nathalie prayed last night for a baby. They pray most nights for a baby. I prayed that God will give us what he thinks is best, and I pray that he give me strength and happiness despite the lack of babies so far. He answers this kindly, and I do feel happiness despite. I have more happiness than trials and my trials are probably blessings that I do not yet realize. The tornado was a blessing and who would have expected that?

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