Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have friends who homeschool, and friends who dont. I have a homeschooled friend who uses a online charter school, so she follows their schedule. I have a friend who unschools, I am somewhere in between.

That being said, I want to add that I have about 6 friends. Thats it. And only 1 of them lives local, I used to have a homeschool group in Sc. My charter friend is living there still as well as a homeschool friend. My best friend homeschools in Ga. One of my other best friends has children who go to public school in Ca. Well okay fine one child, her other rugrat is only 3.

So here is the thing, I sometimes wonder how to rave about homeschool without hating public school? Because, well there are things about public school that I hate. Not all public schools though, and I am not offended by people who put their kids in public school. Oh, and private schools, well they still have the same issues that I am avoiding.

My pros are logical I think. Homeschooled kids mature faster, why? Because they spend more time around adults. They learn how to function with adults, around adults. How to converse with adults. This was almost a problem for me, when I was a teenager I was older in my mind than other teens. This didnt cause them to make fun of me, trust me they never noticed! They were too busy being relatively stupid and I was busy being glad I didnt look that stupid.

Homeschool kids traditionally score higher on state tests than public schooled kids. In my opinion this is because public school teachers have to push the kids to test well, not learn well. This isnt true of all schools and all teachers and some kids will do well no matter where they go to school.

And you have the socialization thing. Well I wouldnt be sending my kids to school to play! I would send them to learn right? So okay there is the peer issue. My kids have peers, less here than in Sc but they are learning more and different things here. They do have friends, they have other children that they learn with and from but in a supervised way. I want them to be with other children so that they learn how to deal with problems that arise, how to be patient with others and accept differences. I think they are fine on this account for now.

I read something funny today, a homeschooling mom was asked by an official at the education office, "Arent you worried about their socialization?" The mom answered, "Well yes we are. So once a week we beat them up and steal their lunch money." I laughed my rear end off here. Then I read it to my husband and we laughed some more.

I wish this wasnt a statement that I believe is true, that is what goes on in a public school system. Not in every situation is a child bullied or beat up-I know this is true. I think first and foremost a parent needs to be involved in their childrens lives and if they are then they can help their child through all problems. My kids have problems, they have big ones sometimes. And I have to help them deal with them. Public schooled or homeschooled, this is the way to give children a chance to grow into strong adults. By supervising them as parents no matter what school system they are brought up in.

I still think the beating up lunch money comment was crazy funny. I know people will hate me for that but I cannot help myself!

-Goodnight all that love and hate me, from a homeschooled kid turned homeschooled mama.

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I LOVE that comment! =)