Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Frank and I were building the chicken coop, the kids were in and out. Helping some, handing tools, playing chickens. I thought he was lovely, I know I cant use that word. I love the fit of his jeans, I made these and the shirt. The pants above his boots on one side looks so accidental. He is relaxed, it is cold and a bit of rain. Tools clutter the entire barn, makeshift tables and bins of grain line the walls. He took a break for a moment and leaned in this doorway, lucky me I had a camera! Someday I will look back at this picture, and hope I captured all of them that was there for me. Hope to have held them and loved them, and stopped work long enough to see them. Hope that my heart doesnt hurt from them leaving me someday. Because I gave them enough, and had enough of them. This is a mothers prayer. Someday I will have nothing but my work, here they are giving me a chance to live, I hope to take enough of that chance.

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Kenji said...

Very nice picture, the sentiments you wrote made me scrinch up my nose and tear up. Too often I find my self getting caught up in essential non essentials and missing out on them.