Thursday, November 26, 2009


These pictures were taken on the north side of our property. In this first picture, I am standing outside of the north barn taking the picture over the fence. The left side shows the stone milk shed. I was taking a picture of not just the notebook on a stump, but the surrounding area. How odd it seems, for a lonely notebook to be blowing in the when having been forgotten for play. Nathalie was designing something here, using the stump as her desk and she gave it up for a flying leaf. She followed the leaf, and didnt come back for the notebook that waited anxiously for her pen.

This was taken from inside the north barn. The fencing over the windows cast an odd look over the scene. It looks free and wild and trapped all at once. We have a lot of fallen limbs and trees here, stumps leftover from cutting down dead trees or trees that are no longer wanted. Trees are rare here, and the ones that stand have withstood enough storms that they look well beat. We clean up this area, then it comes a storm and we have a new lonely look in the corners and edges.
I love Kansas and her wind. I love the non ordinary things that appear if only you watch, a notebook waiting in the wind.

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