Sunday, November 29, 2009

Landing extension

This is called a redneck work station. It has a bench in the back that you can cut on, its the broken tail gate. We load up all the things we need from the shop into this little truck and then travel to the area needing work. I also use it to feed hay to my bucks, so you can see the hay in the truck. I took down too much this am, and just left it for 2nd chore time. We backed the truck into the garage at noon today and tore out part of the landing to add on.

Frank is taking off the railing, we were pretty careful as it could be reused. The carpet wasnt glue down thankfully, but the dust reminded me of how much I truly hate carpet. Give me a broom and mop any day!

Prying off the last bit, the paint on this landing is thick! Frank had to chisel some of it off of a 45 deg cut in order to put the next mitered piece against it flush. As with all things we have worked with recently, there are unlevel things that we have to add to/use. So the landing/wall/floor were not exact due to settling, but it wasnt too bad.

This was the beginning, see what I mean about level? It looks so off! Of course its slightly off at one side because it needed its 4x4. In this case, 4x4s were two 2x4s.

Chiseling to make the miter flush. We have a nice miter saw we purchased for my birthday, and we have our old smaller one that is on the back of the truck. Mitered cuts make projects stronger and better looking.

Um, I uploaded 2 pictures of the truck and I cant seem to delete pictures from my blog very well. I can if I post and then go to edit, but I am not in edit so you know...

So here it is, our new landing. The freezer fits right next to it, we didnt have to adjust its placement. We moved it for work area ease, but it will slide right back. Now we have a space to take off our boots. We are making, nearly done, a bench seat that 4 pr of boots can fit under, and will hang a rack of hooks for our coats and hats.

Same landing, way better view. Nice how he can hold his drills AND me right? I know its a wierd hat, I have had it for 7 years now and its my favorite winter hat. As usual we have on plenty of wool so no coats but it is cold enough for the hats! This is a sweet picture, and I had to post it.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of our new chicken hooch, and any other projects I have missed.

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