Saturday, August 15, 2009


Tad has been allowed use of his bat, if he is nowhere near ANYONE as last yr he nearly removed Nathalie of her shoulder. It was an accident but all the same... he is hitting apples that fell off in the last big storm.

And this, is my next masterpiece. My first feeder was for a couple of goats who were separate IE bucks, this one is one of a set I am making for our feed barn. We have 5 grown does (female goats) and 5 doelings. This feeder will be technically big enough to feed all of them, but will give too many chances for bullying so will build a 2nd.

This is 8 ft long by 2 ft deep at the top, the bottom is a deeper rectangle because I have learned! Goats will knock things over. The broader base (I hope) will help aleviate this problem.

The angle of the slats in front allow for less waste, I saw a similar set up online. This feeder will hold 4 small bales.

Its all 2x4s, ripped 2x2s and 1x2s. Its pretty light weight this way, using the smaller pieces as slats. I will probably use hinges and some thin plyboard to put a lid on this just in case the feed barn roof leaks, or someone tries to put their feet on top-this is guaranteed to happen.
So there you go, my latest creation. This took aproximately 3 hrs though I took a couple of breaks to do school with the kids, wash the dishes, make some bread and do my share of chores in the house. Oh and play with the kids for a bit and at one point inquire of my daughter if she intended to be a meanie forever. The answer was no...

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Scarlett said...

Again amazed by your skills at this!!

The in-laws are here and so happy to be with Niklas. Liselotte is amazed that when I lay Niklas down for the night, he just goes right to sleep.