Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter sewing

The army has packed the goods that we kept to ship to Ak, the things that I didnt sell. I kept out 1 sewing machine and 1 serger to carry in the RV with me and also because we dont have enough clothes for an Ak winter yet. I kept out a considerable amount of wool fabric.

Pants on the right are just pj pants for Nathalie, the piece was cotton terry, only big enough to make pants for her. She was wearing his pants anyway so I made new ones!

Pants in the middle are wool long johns for me. The only ones I own currently are boughten mens long johns and they are not very form fitting. This pair fits under my most fitted jeans so I will be much warmer. I have since then cut out a 2nd pr.

The last pair is my best. Tad told me that last yrs long johns "no longer fit in all areas." I said I could make bigger ones and he pointed out, that isnt the issue. The gender neutral fit doesnt work anymore mama... So, I made a tester pair of "boy" long johns out of some cotton and they came out great, I just used a strip of fabric in the center, no hole. These are a wool outer, thin cotton inner and have a hole on one side of the cotton, and opposite of the wool. He says they are a perfect fit!

Moving photos coming soon.

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Courtney said...

Hope all goes well for you in Alaska!