Sunday, December 18, 2011

The new truck

This is our new truck, it isnt new just new to us. It is a 1997 F350, my favorite truck in the world. It has been for years! We couldnt find one when first shopping, nor did we have much money so we bought the old yellow truck which served its purpose.

Our 5th wheel travel trailer is behind the truck, will post pictures of that later. Frank and Eric put the bumpers on the 350 yesterday, these bumpers are just mean! We special ordered them a few wks ago, shortly after buying the truck. They are real bumpers, not a brush guard. They will be effective in saving the front of the truck and possibly us (in case of an animal going through the windshield) if we hit a moose. There are a lot of moose in Ak.

Last picture. We have new tires and cleaned up the inside, its a 14 yr old truck after all. Frank and Eric also installed a winch on the front, to pull ourselves out in case we get stuck. Pulling the big RV.

We sold every other vehicle we had. We have gone from 3 trucks, 2 cars, 1 tractor and 2 regular trailers to one travel trailer and 1 truck. We have packed the RV mostly and are almost ready to go.

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Clorinda Disimone said...

It'd look better if it's black. My dad's F350 already had lots of scratches when we bought it from a friend. Thank goodness it still looks brand new. :D We usually sell the cars we have when we find another that's worth getting. :)

Clorinda Disimone