Thursday, December 15, 2011


This is the best article I have read on the pros and cons of universal healthcare. It actually does present some decent pros. Most articles are either for, or against universal care. I am highly against it, for several of the NO reasons given here. Total loss of doctor/patient confidentiality. That is a pretty important part of our current medical framework.

I am in college and one of my classes has been topics in healthcare policy. I have learned many things through research on current and possible healthcare plans.

Other than that, I dont have any pictures because they are all on Frank's computer. I am finishing up 2 college classes (finals due the 19th-nearly there!), getting ready to go to our family's Christmas celebration in Tn, and getting ready to move to Alaska. We do not generally leave home for holidays but will this year due to all of my mama's other children being present, and us moving so far away.

Our house is sold (tentatively-these things can fall through), we have a signed contract and close in early Jan before we leave. We have our RV back, it was at a local shop being fitted with extra insulation, tank heaters and a inspection. Now are are further winterizing it ourselves.

We sold all of our vehicles (camaro, jetta, chevy 3500 and chevy s10), trailers x2 and our tractor. Much of our household goods were sold or given away, the remainder was shipped by the army or will go with us. We have a few things to give/sell to family in Tn that will leave next wk.

We paid a inspector to inspect our house, this is usually done by the buyer so that he/she can ask the seller to fix things. We chose the best inspector in the area, paid him to give us the list, we fixed the list and now hopefully there will be little on the list by the buyers inspector. We still have to have the septic pumped and the water tested.

I think we are all excited about the move, a little nervous (on my part) about living in a small space for a period of time. Even when we arrive, we plan on buying quite a small house that needs to be fixed up. We will continue to live in the RV while fixing the house. We are looking at foreclosures and short sales at this time.

The kids will have lessons in Ak, I have found teachers for dance, guitar, jujitsu and possibly art. There are many art lessons, but they are short and for large groups. Nathalie wants something a little more specialized. We will use the local library a lot at first because many of our books are packed and we will not have our goods delivered right away.

We are leaving a lot behind. I have left a lot behind in the past, this time feels farther. I am glad to move to Ak, there are less people, less rush. I was sad to leave my Sc homeschool group 3.5 yrs ago, very sad to leave my best friend who lived very close. Now I am sad to leave another very good friend living here. I have only a few good friends, and none of them live close except for Amanda and now we are leaving her.

We dont know where we will be long term, I dont promise I will even have this blog. It may go on the list of things to leave behind.

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Tima Murrell said...

I really hope that this blog isn't on of the things left behind. But either way know that I'm praying for you and have enjoyed getting re-acquainted with you through it.
Merry Christmas!