Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stormy sky

We had storm clouds rolling in, I am not used to the little canon I have and I dont take great photos. The camera isnt any good if the subject isnt perfectly still, no, lets say its not good in my hands. My mama could take fabulous pictures with a broken camera. I did still like the pictures in which the subject was moving, because it looks like they sort of separated.

The hair pictures are proof that I can do hair. For years, my daughter went around with a nappy head or daddy did her hair. The few times I did she cried, and my husband tried to say to "be more careful" but honestly had she thought I was him she wouldnt have cried. She just preferred him so what can I say. I avoided her hair and just let it go if he was gone. When she was 6, we told her take care of it or we cut it off. Its now grown out again see??? She has let me brush it 2 after-baths in a row and tonight I took the opportunity to braid it. Its braided along her natural side part as I had no comb to part down the middle.

She is wearing her daddy's "I need my garage time" t-shirt to sleep in.

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