Saturday, July 16, 2011


We have a new game called banagrams. It is like scrabble because you have to spell words connecting them to other words. However, you have your own line. Each person draws a certain number of letters, turns them over and plays. You build your words/lines without any turns, everyone just works. When you need/want more letters you say "peal" and a number. The directions say peal 1 but we peal more. Once the letters are all pealed equally, you have to finish using your letters first to win.

I play this game at least 1 x a day. Sometimes by myself. We try to spell big words, and at the end if you are left with just a few letters you often have to re-arrange and take apart. This takes skill. My children are not great spellers, so we are using this game to aid the problem.

The photo here shows my daughter's game, she was playing with Tad. She went about the house collecting words and this is what she came up with, she doesnt know what humectant means but it was a good word! The reason that she spelled admitted incorrectly, is because she says idmitted. After this round I correctly her gently and she learned to spell/say it correctly.

I love that she has two bathroom words...Too funny!

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