Thursday, July 7, 2011

No photos

I dont have any photos. So if you cant read, x out for now and come back later. If you can but only come for pictures, refer back to my first.

Today we worked. Hard and a lot. Matter of fact, yesterday we worked. A lot. And hard. We pulled weeds that I allowed to get far too large. They are in an area that I cant get into to brush hog or mow, and they are in an area that I need. I did have something planted there that failed, and we are taking it back now. Also I weeded my garden perimeter which isnt fun.

I have 5 major areas that need landscaping. Maybe 6, I guess 6. Areas that once had ground cloth and landscaping stone laid, and now the cloth is no good. The weeds come through at a rapid rate. We (a friend is helping the children and me) are pulling the weeds, then pulling out whatever is in each bed (one isnt rocks, it is a funny sprawling used to be ever green something), laying down heavy duty ground cloth and cypress wood chips. They break down, and can be composted. They are natural, and dont have to be dug out like rocks.

It is a lot of work, but we need to get it done. The quote I have from the local landscaper is not manageable and I didnt think it would be. It is a job we must do, and I dont enjoy it. I think that I will be very proud once its done, more so than I would be from paying off a landscaping loan.

We also did school, sewed and cleaned house. Well, Nathalie cleaned house. The bugs are out in force now, so while she planted nearly all of the garden with me she now doesnt love to be out there. I wont kill her love for green things so instead she cleans the whole house. Truly. The whole house.

My kids are wonderful, they work hard and I am grateful for them. Now I am going to go play games with them. Bye.

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