Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sandy Sunny

Photobucket Raise your hands if you like sand in your pants! This was a fun pile, and still is, of sand but I didnt enjoy the clean up. Nathalie dumped herself, into the dining room floor. Took half of a vacuum bag to eliminate the mess. Tad said there was serious chaffing from the event. Photobucket It was sunny enough that he thought it would a shirtless day, so he offed it and said it was "quite warm and cozy mama" and was a little too warm when the sunburn hit two hours later. Photobucket We had the sand dumped the the garden. The company assured me that they could spread it, no problem. I said, well the ground is tilled so its sort of soft. No problem. So someone shows up, in a two wheel drive truck. Oh my. Okay. So Mister, you wont be able to back up onto the garden. Oh yeah yeah I can no problem. He drives to edge. Gets out, looks at it, "Ma'am, I ain't gonna be able to drive over this and spread it for ya." Oh really? Oh well, thats too bad. Okay well just dump it here please." Photobucket So here he dumped it. Then he got out, shut off his truck to write a bill and then... "My truck wont start." Oh dear. Now he was probably shamed, so I quietly got the truck and tried to jump it. The battery cables were not tight enough for it to even try starting, I dont know how it started in the first place. We tightened. Then it started and he drove away, leaving this small pile (6 tons) of sand for me to move. Photobucket I do have a tractor and can do the work, I had just wanted to not. There is a man who tills for me when Frank is gone, and he would likely spread it as well. For now my children are playing in it, making sure to only let it fall off the heap towards the garden, not the grassy side. Tad is burried here, truly. Nathalie lost her favorite tiny doll in this, after I counciled her on the fact that it would go badly to take kewpie out there, but it was her doll. Photobucket Much tears were and will be shed over the doll. Photobucket Nathalie burried Tad and then he couldnt bury her because he was indisposed. Photobucket All in all, a fun day was had in the sand. Twice. Today it is raining and while I dont want it to be a gray day, I will be glad that there will be no sand on the floor, and no sandy handprints in the shower. Photobucket Some of the goats tasted the sand and decided that the green grass was better. They come in this field side until I plant a garden, then they will not be allowed. Photobucket I think Tad is putting sand in his ears here. Or getting it out, I dont know which. Photobucket And lastly, can someone tell me what these flowers are that I have been trying to kill for the sake of an herb garden? I dont want to look them up. Thanks.


Amanda said...

the pink ones look like naked ladies, no joke, that's what they're called but IDK for sure because the stems are usually much taller. It's hard to tell, maybe they're hyacinths. They're bulbs for sure. Dig 'em up when they die back and transplant them or give them to my. Hyacinths are my favorite.

Jo Abair said...

A visitor said hyacinths as far as she can tell as well. So 2x the charm! You win... I think we wont dig them up or kill them, I figured out a nicer way lol. will keep them AND the herbs! thanks for helping me with my flower ineptitude. they are lovely, but I do functional better than pretty.

truefreedom123 said...

They are definately hyacinths. Smell them, if they smell like summer, they are hyacinth.