Friday, April 15, 2011

Custom Order

Photobucket As its mostly women who read my blog, okay my husband is my number one reader but he wont mind...I am posting my custom order that I completed today. I made these while the children did school. Photobucket There are 30 total, these would be considered liners or minis for a grown woman but perfect size for a teenage girl. Photobucket Some of these are made from prints (back) that I have had for years! This is a very special custom order for a little girl that has been in my life for her whole life. Photobucket A cute little bag for her things. When you purchase products from a store, they come in a bag or a box. This is just a cloth bag that can be washed, but its purpose is to hold clean things. Photobucket Everything fits with enough space for about 20 more. Will get that done in a few wks, because a total of 50 means as many changes as a girl wants and plenty of laundry time. Photobucket The little personal wetbag! This is good for traveling, or just bathroom use for ease. The order was fun because I know and love who it goes to!

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