Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Monday

Actually I think its Tuesday but I didnt think that when I typed the title of this post. It took several minutes for me to think of the title and it wont hurt any of you if I leave it as Monday. Look at these boots. That hurts me, this picture. Putting my babies boots on by accident and doing chores in them, and coming back and finding him boot-less wondering who stole his boots. They left the TV mama but they took my boots. Why are his feet so big? He wears a 6.5 in womens. In kids, he can only get a 4, or a 5 and a 4.5 in youth is a 6.5 in womens. We had to just buy gender neutral womens boots. The boot on the left is his last yr boot, 1.5 sizes smaller. The one on the right is mine, and its a size 8 though I wear a 7 in shoes. I just like the heel slip, so I really wear a shoe thats technically 1/2 size bigger than his. Thats so sad. He can eat half of a chicken in one sitting, and wears big boots. And makes funny big jokes. He is big. I made these jeans for him. I am not sure if I like them, he found them in the pattern magazine and asked for them. He is 139 cm tall, which in European patterns means he will wear a 134, 140 or a 146 depending on his width. He is muscular enough we cut it on a 152 but this skater jeans pattern is too baggy. He needs 146 in this but he loves them. He says they have "breathing space." Our poor little daughter... She misses daddy terribly and sits with her video camera (he sent this to her with videos on it) and watches him. He put quite a few videos on there from Iraq and mailed it to her. They hook it up to the TV and watch it, its clear enough sound wise that when I walk in from the barn and hear him I always feel startled. Its too real and close. She spent about an hour playing them over and over. He reads everything. He is deep into the 4th Harry Potter book right now. I read 1, 2 and 3 to them but Nathalie doesnt love them a lot and I told him he is on his own for the rest. He started it yesterday and is about 45 pages into it, he only gets to read it when school and chores are done. Thats all for now. The children and I just came home from looking at RVs. We looked at new ones (pull behinds, 5th wheel) but we will not buy new. I just wanted an idea, and people, it is a traveling house. I dont mean you can live in it tolerably, I mean it a single wide trailer just prettier. I liked them a lot. We are now studying craigslist looking for a good deal on a used one.

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