Friday, February 4, 2011


This was my morning. Making a pullup with no side snaps. It wasnt fun I can say that, the leg holes are much harder to sew elastic into when there are no side snaps. The side snaps allow it to lay open while you sew on elastic. This was a custom order.

My preference is side snap for a few reasons. 1-easier to stuff the back pocket opening. The pocket allows the pullup to dry quicker and have customized absorbency. 2-it washes much better when it is open in the wash. You cant really stuff a pullup that is closed up on the sides, so the blue one has the soaker sewn in. There isnt a good way to add extra absorbency, and I didnt find that it smelled as fresh when it was all sewn up this way. But to each his own, and this is the preference of some people and I am sure that an extra rinse makes just as clean.

The black one shown is a trainer, so also has no pocket. This is my new trainer/pullup for potty learners. It has a small sewn in soaker to catch accidents, and will do well at night with an extra insert. I have a mama testing one right now at night, she has tested the PUL outer (waterproof fabric) and is now testing the cotton outer, cute prints, but will sometimes wick/leak at night because of the cotton layer on top of the PUL. We will see!

My business has moved more towards pullups and fabric than diapers. Years ago when I started this, I started it because of and for pullups but got into diapers. There are so many diaper makers on the market, and I dont do anything special. My diapers are not hand painted, mostly not prints, they are just basic, simple diapers that absorb well and dry fast. However, there are so few good pullup makers, I have found that is a better market. I have tried and tested patterns and styles and I have a lot of good reviews so I am moving towards no diapers at all. I have about 25 more to make that are cut out and partially finished and when they are done I will do diapers by custom order only.

One of the best pullup makers is going out of business for family reasons, I am hoping to get her customers!

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