Friday, February 4, 2011


The sound of a big diesel engine roaring to life like a wounded panther on a cold, dark morning makes my heart race. Its like a big shot of coffee. Shivering in my shirtleeves, pjs and snow boots in the bitter cold, turn the key, wait to start... then a roar! How does it be so loud? I love it. It sounds so full and like I am alive and I know I am a truck!

I am starting a truck at 5 am to warm it up because I have to clean it out. I am selling it. Selling out my husbands Chevy for the desired ford. Poor thing her engine sounds great but no doubt, it doesnt say F O R D on her rear end. Okay tail gate. The guy texted me at 4:35 this morning to say can I come today instead of tomorrow. Well sure why not. Then I thought well I am awake. And pretty sure I transferred a goat in there just last wk better go clean up...

And now its just in the drive, and thru the heater kicked on, closed windows and insulated walls I can hear it purr! I love diesels. Even our little Jetta has something bigger to say than other cars her size.

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