Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gun Show

Tad went to the gun show this morning with a friend, we met some new friends in 4h who started homeschooling this month. They have a boy and a girl that are nearly my children's age and Tad enjoys the company of Isaac. Tony-dad-invited him along to a gun show today.
He picked Tad up at 9, and Nathalie and I felt lost and abandoned. We stood at the window watching the truck drive away and we were both feeling pretty lost. She asked as I was asking her why do I feel so bad, and I do not know the answer. I dont feel bad if Frank and the kids, or Frank and a kid leave, Nathalie and I stay home and cook when they go to Lowes. I think we were feeling a bit lonely period.
Tad had a great time and came home full of stories, he saw and held a lot of guns and talked to many gun aficionados. He found a 30 30 for sale in the brand I want... Well initially Frank wanted it and said, its too much we should go with the Winchester but I am love with the Henry.
Tony brought a card for me to call him...
These pictures were taken by Tad while at the gun show, and I do not know what they all are but he will know and can tell Frank tomorrow. He is excited to tell him about the show. All in all a good day, and Nathalie and I got some cooking done. Will blog that tomorrow.

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