Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ugh... late post

I havent posted in forever because my husband isnt deployed and in need of connection and the rest of you dont matter as much. Just kidding, sort of. You matter, but he is here right now so I have to spend every moment absorbing his oxygen space. This post is not really an update, just whats sort of going on with sewing and Tads... um, his activities to avoid boredom? This photo is the back of Nathalie's new windpro jacket, windpro thus waterproof and windproof.

Its not perfect, I had some trouble on the zipper because the fabric stretches a bit. The hood could be a little tighter also but I like the pattern and will make a couple more for her in the same pattern.

I made the blue jeans too, they are a bit wrinkled right now but are really cute on her! I think I will lock her in a closet, I dont want boys to ever see her and think she is cute. Ever.

Tad wanted to be a number of things for halloween that would have made mothers run for the woods and hide their children's eyes. Homeschooled children of course because lets face it, in the real world, movies, video games and other kids expose each other to things far scarier than what Tad has found in any comic book.

He settled on the punisher, and needed black jeans and a black shirt with the punisher logo on the front. I ordered black denim, it turned out to be more charcoal but whatever. It works! I made them this morning and oh my he is cute! The shirt was already cut out as it happened, just a long sleeve black t shirt.

That he and I added the punisher logo to. My brother (20 yrs old) thinks this is wicked cool, not his words but as close as should be on this blog. The logo was cut out by us out of white fabric, ironed onto iron on interfacing on the back side, and the black stripes at the lower part of the skull and the nose holes are colored with sharpie. I cut out the eyes, and we sewed white tight zig zag to attach it. We first spray glued it with quilters glue to place it, that doesnt hold long but long enough to get it sewn on without it moving about. Turned out nice!

Tad said that the only problem with his outfit is that he isnt bulky enough to fill it out, so here he is bulking up on his math break. Also wearing new brown corduroys here, he loves the stretchy waistband on regular jeans. Its easier for certain things he notes...

I think this was his spelling break, or this was after geography I do not remember. These are all my serger scraps and they are his wig...

Here? He got a sticky animal from the dentist, stuck to our vaulted ceiling by throwing it at it multiple times. So after much deliberation, this was his solution. A peice of wood taped to his wooden sword. This took a lot of work, and near falling many times. It was pretty amusing to watch.

No success yet... he eventually got it down, though this was after getting a nerf gun dart stuck TO the animal as he shot at it.
Tad has to find ways to amuse himself, and usually its pretty active stuff. I am glad he is homeschooled for this reason largely, he would be in so much trouble in school, yet at home he is comic relief!


Angoraknitter said...

Lucky you got that thing down. My brother-in-laws tossed a bunch of those sticky creatures onto their parents ceiling over 12 years became a contest to see whose would stay stuck the longest. Finally, the last one was pulled down this past month.

Jo Abair said...

LOL, I wouldnt mind a bunch of them. My house gets booby trapped by my son, living with a boy that you homeschool, is sort of like having an odd creature for a pet that no one else has. you have to love it, or do a different job and I love it...He is a boy who has never been wrangled in or trapped in any way, or given the idea that he cannot make up some strange way to amuse and entertain himself! So its like a wonderful discovery that I get to have, the mind of a regular boy who isnt tamed by society!