Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reasons why I am cool

1. I am not a boy.

2. I make fuel all by myself.

3. I make fuel AND I am not a boy.

4. I am married to Chief-thats really number 1 but I wanted to say I am not a boy for number 1.

5. I homeschool my kids which isnt easy all the time. Okay fine its not hard.

6. I sew really well. Seriously, I can look at something and then make it. Usually.

7. I can drive a stick shift.

8. I can drive a tractor.

9. My mama said men in Montana would like me. Is that a compliment? I think so from her. Thats sorta like a hug.

There are a whole bunch of other reasons but that would border on arrogant. On that note though, for everyone who reads this, do your own post on why you are cool, or amazing or whatever word you like. I told my kids tonight that they should add up all the good things about themselves and think about that when they feel bad about a mistake they make. Its okay to think you are amazing, and why as adults do we forget that?

PS. I think my husband is superman.

PSS. My mama is one of my best friends.

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