Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tad's photos

These are Tad's pictures, he used my camera for about an hour and came in with quite a few nice pictures. This photo is of the neighbors sorghum field, its about ready to harvest. Its much more red earlier in the season, and I wish I had a photo to compare.

Both of these pictures are a bird that he was fascinated by, he took more than half of the photos on the card of this bird. He tried to get closer while it sat on the fence but the pictures are still too far off to see much detail. He says I need to get a better lens!

Both of the kids are considering working on photography skills in order to enter in 4-H next yr, but as it stands neither are a great photographer so we will see. They cant possibly enter everything and may be better off focusing on just a couple things for their first year.
That's it for today! Off to continue skills testing for our homeschooling year, we got a late start and have been doing reviews and testing both to place and see how we are doing after a summer off. Much less was forgotten than I realized, and a summer of continuing with math drills and spelling words has paid off enormously! Nathalie has moved up another year in math and they are both spelling much better. Last yr, if anyone remembers, my children were horrendous spellers... we had tried a couple of common spelling texts and they were not enjoying them. When they don't enjoy the work, they do not perform as well so we are pleased to have found a spelling program that all 3 of us love, and that they are excelling with.

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